Monday, June 22, 2009

and to think i'd never love kids..

guess what people! my cousin brothers been blessed with a baby boy!

when i first heard of the news , i wasnt nearly as excited as you'd expect me to me. "great" was what i said when told of the news, while my insides screamed "yeah, whatever!!!"

but today my bro sent me akshaj's {yep, thats him} pics and i fell in love with the little devil at first sight. oh GAWD, he is so ADORABLE. people who know me know im not the kind to go gaga and "aww" over babies, but oh, this is so related to me ... ! and the baby is so friggin KEEYUTE. to witness something like this...ahh! this is the first time a baby's actually born in my family with me being big enough to understand.

LOVE ya akshaj! wish loads of happiness and fortune for you my baby!! ^_^ MUUAHHH.

this is him :D

i cant stop grinning

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hell down under.!!

oh god, the media overhypes EVERYTHING. these people attackin indians are just a bunch of drunken teenagers who need attention cos they fail at life in general.

i mean honestly, anti social elements exist EVERYHWERE. just cos these recent attacks have come under bright, harsh light doesnt necessarily mean australia as a nation is RACIST. all those people hating on australia... PLEASE GROW UP, there's racism everywhere including india where the skin whitening products are a very major industry, and brides are selected by their color and it makes me sick how there were disputes recently in the IPL cos of preferential treatment of white cheerleaders as opposed to black.

racism does exist, and the reason behind some of these attacks maybe the same
but you know what you're not gonna be told about some australian guy being attacked by the same gang bcos right now all ppl are focussin on is cruel treatment of indians.

don't lets label each other just because what some of our nations' unthinking uneducated assholes do.