Wednesday, May 26, 2010

musings in may ...mushrooms...manwhores ...*insert other words with M to make it sound like a clever title*

alrighty folks, SUPPPPPPPP?!!

you would think since my boards ended I would have been upto numerous fun filled activties, expanding my creative genius, travelling to mysterious far away lands and in general blessing the almighty for the holidays!

turns out, SO NOT!!! 

all that i have been upto the last month is sleeping, bickering with parents over rules-of-the-house (section 13A, "things teenagers are allowed to do in the house" (cuz the things that arent allowed would be too lengthy to write!!)), torturing my neighborhood kid, reading novels, harassing people on the net and discovering my knack for gettin pwned on the phone with random strangers :P

i also watched paranormal activity with my friends. being the toughie that i am, no movies have been able to scare me uptil now. (ok except 13 ghosts and amityville horror when i peed in my pants, but in my defense, i was 12 and i was alone)....reliable sources on the net confirmed it was a CLASS movie bound to deliver and so i'd been harassing my friend to download it since weeks... after several forces of nature preventing me from watching it (the torrent wouldnt work, my speakers broke down, obnoxiously long power cuts in friends house, my granny protesting over existance of boys, a meteor hitting our town etc) i FINALLY got to watch it. and the verdict??  i dont think it's all it's cracked up to be.... but that might be because me and my friends couldnt take the boring parts and forwarded it to the scary bits. :P  something thats bound to turn every movie into a Scary Movie (the parody). the end however, did blow our minds out. i was almost huggin this guy friend i have, a move not so smooth because he later mentioned it (whether to embarass me or just an observation, i have no idea). people have GOT to understand we're not ourselves in times of adrenalin rush!!

mundane piece of information, but i also got this very cute sleeveless top that my mom got a fit about. cuz it was sleeveless. yes. cuz it was sleevless. no, it was NOT transparent. and no i didnt say the top was all i was gonna wear. it's silly things like this that she fusses about which makes me wish for hostel all the more.

speaking of which my dad has finally agreed to let me study english honors in delhi =] it all depends on whether i get an engineering college away from home or not... i defintely cant stay with parents anymore. (dont judge me)

moving on, one of my friends has been showing attitude problems and attention whore-y symptoms in the past month. (this is you andrew ;) ) you know how my parents have a problem letting me go out if my group of friends has boys in it? well due to this all the events that andrew planned ended up evaporating in the past year. but finally my dad, due to some miracle (possibly my good result in boards) allows ! and then andrew has the horrible, horrible idea of taking revenge. yeah, by refusing to come and in general being a sissy pants and staying at home while all of us go out. well i dont know whether he was expecting us to fall on our knees and beg him to come or watch with glazed look in our eyes as he made us realise our 'mistakes' ...but it didnt work. we planned to go without him, and bring him back souveniars too :P ........all was going well till our plan got cancelled due to rain... andrew was very smug. damn you, andrew. i hope your braces never come out.

i also talked on the fone with guy whos awesomeness was so much it gave me a brainfreeze and i ended up sounding like i had the IQ of a new born cow. conversation killers like "yeah" and "okay" were the only words i could manage. along with noises that sounded something between grunts and giggles. embarassin i tell you. every second of silence sounded like an awkward year of it. here's a snippet of the conversation for your amusement. ( words in italics are the voices in my head)

me (in squeaky voice) :  hey... is this *insertguysnamehere*?

Well he did just message you a second earlier, who do you expect he suddenly turned into, Santa Claus?

guy: oh no no, its his dad !

me: there you go, mortal... he is using sarcasm, you're getting a spasm!

*nervous laugh*

guy: whoa, you sound like this crazy stalker i had...!!

me:  oh? :( you sound like shahid kapoor !

thats right, compare him to celebrities, you're doing a good job of not acting like a stalker right now

guy: haha is that a good thing or a bad thing?

me: *more silliness prevails*


anyway. albiet getting pwned randomly like this 20 times a week i managed to somehow survive the month of may. my board results as you might be curious to know is 88%. boards for those of my foriegn readers is the indian equivalence of SATs/ GCSEs ... i have no idea how i managed to pass math, i almost started cryin in the examination hall during the paper. not that i cry. im too cool for crying. anyway i managed an 80. god bless the examiner, he must have been on drugs or something. or just got laid that day. :D

speaking of examiners, i got a poor 91 in english. GASPPP. may the examiner have to sit thru KITES for a whole week! (yeah it was that bad !)

now reading: Brida, Paulo Coelho
now listening: pretty on the outside, BFMV