Monday, September 6, 2010

my first original short story.

a lot of hard work has gone into writing this deep literary piece. please be kind. it was originally meant to be 55 fiction, i.e. a story comprising only 55 words, but my creativity got the best of me and i wrote double of that.


The ray of light streaming through her bedroom window and onto her face had gotten bright enough to wake her up. Such phenomenon usually makes people curse Helios, but she found it beautiful (cuz she was an annoying bitch like that). In any case it was better than listening to her psycho of a mom scream into her ears about getting late. She woke up and stretched contently, her thoughts full of optimism about the promising day ahead.

Suddenly, she got a text. It was the Head Cheerleader of their school. “i slept wid ur bf last nyt. xo”

Well, the Sun doesn’t seem so beautiful now, does it, Bitch?

The End.

Moral : i cannot write stories to save my life. Also, keep your bf interested. Get a boob job done.