Thursday, December 25, 2008

Reviewing 2008.

Heya peeps! =D

So i joined this webiste weeks ago and decided it's about time i stole my blog's virginity :P So here's the first post of my blog! *tada* A review of the year gone by- 2008.

I can say without doubt that this year has been the best of my 16 year, 2 month old life. I had the most happening time ever... right since January to December. Ok, well leaving out a few months in between which positively sucked... SO much took place! And me? I hav changed soo much. Looking back at the silly stuff I considered important to now... can't decide whether to laugh or cry!

Let's look back monthwise.

January- Ah! The only thing that comes to my mind when I think of January is me... clad in a pearly white suit with smoky eyes and smiling face. Nah, not auditoning for America's next Topmodel! [Not like I wouldnt win, but you gotta give other people chances so i dint go :P] Anyway, it wz our farwell from class 10th! Took place on 25th Jan, it wz one of the most awesome days of my life. There are a few days you know when it seems like NOTHING can go wrong? Well this was one of them..!!! I enjoyed HELL lot with my frenz.. won prize in pass-the-parcel game [even tho it wz just a stupid photoframe] and after that my mum [bless her] took me and my best friends Deebs and Silly to Bollywood Treats. Gotta love tht place..!!

February: Boards tension builds up. ALWAYS been a procastrinator. Know nothing of computer science at all, thanks to my computer 'teacher' who, i have NO idea why, has been appointed there despite the fact she has as much knowledge of the subject as my toothbrush. ! To save myself from failing comps, I do a crash course in Java for a month. Boy, is Java easy. Dunno what the heck I'd do without Banka Sir, though. Our teacher should learn from him. Anyway, I got 99. Learning Java has proven a blessing since they teach C++ here in 11th and it's a PIECE OF CAKE in front if Java...!!

March: OMG, BOARDS!! Late night studying and all.. after all I'd wasted the hols doing abosultely NOTHING! Seriosuly, I had to leave a whole Act in Julius Caesar cuz of lack of time! Anyway, boards were like a real thrillin adventure. I was sure was gonna flunk History. Had spent the whole year in history classes sleeping/passing chits/day dreaming *sigh* I swear I tried to concentrate but the teacher.. man she could put a chronic insomniac to sleep like a log.! Read some of the chappies for the first time ever for boards... Got the lowest in History, as it turned out..!! Anyway, for all those out there [erm, in case any1 actually reads this shit] who are still to give 10th boards, do NOT freak out. It's not at all what it's cracked up to be.

April: Boards ended, time for me to leave Patna =[ Results came out- I got a freaking 95% in best 5 and 93.4 % overall. This was the last month of my stay in Patna and BOY did we make full use of it. Get togethers everday! We visited almost every restaurant and hangout place to be found in the city. Oh and how can i forget. WE COLORED MY HAIR!!!! woohoo.! always been nuts for foriegners, so i got em colored light brown. It's been a long time sice then, so my hair's half black and half brown now. Friggin cool if you ask me :D

May: Ahh, we arrive in heaven. NOT! Bareilly might be a green place, plus it's less populated than Patna, plus the roads are more well maintained, but it sucks none the less. Damn, i had expected to go to somewhere like Pune or whatever, but Dad thought edcucation here is brillaint. Which it SO isnt. It's been a life turning experience.. or it will be, as I'm loath to accept. =[

June-September: Nothing major... All the shit you experience when you first visit a new place. Make new 'friends', get acquainted with teachers, try to fit in your school. HATED the process. Not only do people judge you without knwoing you, they're ALSO narrow minded. Plus the unfirom here. EW! After the whatever-lenght-your-skirt-si-we-dont-care to the strict rules about knee length skirt and knee length socks. Hah, like I follow it. The only good thing, well it's co-ed. After surviving for 5 years in a gurls skool, I was sure I couldnt take it anymore. I mean sure the guys here arent all Tom feltons, but something's better than nothing ;)

October: Er, this was quite special. Among reasons I'm not ashamed to mention are: MY 16th BDAY! One of the suckiest ever, especially in comparsion to my 15th ... which my friends had made truly AWESOME by giving a surprise bday aprty in SCHOOL!! But this one, well Im not asking for your pity or whatever, but i CRIED that day! It was so, so depressing. Anyway, at least I'm age of consent now!! woohoo. :P

November: Er.. nothing special I guess... a lot of fights with some people, which I regret right now but wont in the future when I mature. Hah!

December: Well, christmas! I love this time. You get that fuzzy and warm feeling inside, like everything's gonna be alright, even though not much is wrong ... lol.

So basically, it was a good year. I learnt so much! Like, roaming around on a scooty which isnt yours on FULL SPEED is one of the most amzing feelings ever! AND that even though you're sitting on the last bench, you should NEVER underestimate the sight-powers of your English teacher. AND that wearing low waist, short skirts isnt such a good idea if you're studying here in Brly. AND oversmart boys with toad like voices can actually be good people. AND roaming around alone with a boy, even if he's JUST a friend, isnt such a healthy option for him if you're cute o_O AND that boys look absolutely SEXY playing football :D AND chasing weird guys riding weirder motorcycles when you have just a couple of bicycles can result into painful crashes [more on that 1 later. or not.] AND ... well you get the idea.

This was a time for a LOT of firsts. First time bunking classes. First time serious crushing. First time anchoring on stage! [doing it for annual function] First time getting low marks in subjects [YEAH, im a nerd and YEAH im distracted] First time.. well, a lot of stuff. (Not the first kiss or anything though, let's see when that happens) !!

Oh, and I didn't once think about suicide this year! Woohoo! Now I realize how stupid I was for spending so much time being depressed last year about things I cannot control. Not like I wasnt depressed this year, but I've learnt to take it as a "phase".

On the negative side, well i discovered i think WAY too much about things. Honestly, sometimes my head feels like it's gonna burst. There are so many of me inside me. o_O I'm also VERY lazy, and I waste a lot of time not doing things which I should. I also have these sudden urges to write peoms and stuff, but I never get around to actually doing it. Plus the fact that my MS Word software is screwed up, doesn't help. Well I'll see what I can do about it...

And for all the people who made this year kinda shitty for me? Thanks, you made me tougher. :)

I'm signing off now, hope you had a good year too :) Or not. Mwahhaha.


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  1. hey nice blog seems that u had an awesome yeaR!
    HOPE THE CUMING YEAR will be even better for u!!
    uhh but u forgot sumthing important happend in nov!
    hate u!(just kidding)
    love u n have a great year ahead!

  2. haw:O..hw came u never mentioned the wedding??:O:O

    :D..well anyway..nice blog..and hilarious :D

    sekc fottie players..:P

    on a serious note: nice style of writing..go u!


  3. too long a post *yawn* couldnt even dare to start!

    but reached the end of the blog..phew!