Monday, January 19, 2009

My skool's annual function

Heya peepz. ! So my annual fucntion is going on right now and by that I mean it's conducted for 2 days- today was the first, for people of middle and primary wings while tomorrow's gonna be the main thing. . .

well anyway Im wearin a sari. . . its not as bad as i thot it would be !! I look pretty, if other people are to be belived. anyway i hav a lot to be thankful for since EVERYTHING was arranged at the last moment. the outfit, i mean. mom was so angry last night cuz i had no sari to wear till the veyr last mo'. Had ta borrow it from a friend. Anyway . . . i AM a very big procratsinator. might make suffer some time so i'd better watch out. . .

anyway, damn Im gonna miss teh free periods we had during this tym. . .
specially when we went to the sit of the fucntion the whole day and practised ! ! not only was it fun, i could do a lot of interactions with a lot of people. . . some of which im gonna treasure till a long time into teh future !! ;)

anyhow we hav farwell soon for class 12th. letz see wot we do then.!

now listening to : teh wind howling like crazy outside
now reading: memoiers of a geisha
now wanting: tshirt. ;p and some sleep. im TIRED after a whole day of the fcuntion.!

see ya then.

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