Friday, October 30, 2009

the past months

*wipes dust off the blog* damn this thing's gotten dusty.

so i've been off the face of my blog because frankly this thing starts to annoy you after a while/ the inspiration wasnt coming/ i had no time or stuff to write about/ my cat died/ i wonder what cat flavoured chewingum takes like..hmmm../ where was i again? oh yeahhh this blog!

ohkay so due to not updating i have a list of updates ahead.

first of all, i have discovered my extremely low ability to perform well when im sad. its called LOW EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT and i dont like it. i mean i know most of you will probably go "oh pssh, happens to me all the time. how can you do well if ur grandmom's neice's mother's brother's son's pet hippo had a heart attack!?"

no my dearies, i have like REALLY low EQ. which makes it hard for me to make jokes/be witty/take part in conversation/enjoy good things in life/study/ in general, it stifles my creativeness when im sad.

second, i was recently off to agra for a basketball tournament for 5 days with my skool frenz. okay FRIEND. the other girls were like.... HORRIBLE. seriosuly. we had to share this dorimitory (one room, 7 girls) and even though the place was wonderful to say the least, listening to their girly talks and high pitched chatter gave me headaches and serious depression. my only friend was the saving grace. and even she totally annoyed me sometimes. i mean now i understand how hard it is to actually live with people... kinda reminded me of failed marriages. i dont know why. but you live with people and you discover yourself ... and them. theres this girl i had differences with. one night we got talking and i completely admire her as the person she is now that i actually listened to her tales and views about stuff. as for my friend, negative stuff came out -_- im so glad i dont have siblings ...brrrr..

we went to the usual tourist places in agra and the only thing i liked about taj mahal was that its friggin huge and must have taken a lot of patience to build. as for agra fort its supposed to be the jail in which shah jahan stayed but well its so damn well built it didnt look like jail to me :P though it doesnt require stone walls to create a prison for the heart .... yeah yeah touching i know.

anyway so the more exciting thing about these monuments are the foriegners surrounding them. i made an acquiatnce with some people from germany, france, hongkong and japan who were real polite and asked me and my friends for photographs! cute little people, i tell ya.

as for the match well we had no hopes but it was enjoyable anyway and we came 3rd off 4 teams :P

my birthday happened to be 5 days ago. IM SEVENTEEN NOW! WOOT WOOT. ah ...well. yeah. i feel old. just 2 years till i exit teenage. anyway me and my friends dined at this great place "kocktails and kurries" ... the food was awesome and it wasnt very crowded.

so all in all, time well spent :D
how's life been for you guys? leave it in the comment box!

now reading: short stories by o henry, saki, etc etc
now listening to : lithium by nirvana
now wanting: my year back

peace out.


  1. ah well that means i have totally high EQ.. cuz when i am sad i write these really deep and profound stuff that otherwise i would make fun of.. of course i make sure i destroy it once the phase passes ! And yeah your tryst with foreigners continues i see!

    P.S grandmom's neice's mother's brother would be your grandma's brother.. you didnt have to stretch it out

    tee hee :P