Tuesday, December 1, 2009

cappuchino =]

here's an instant update on what has been happening in my life for the past few days!!:

missing action SO freaking much. action, by the way, is how i pretend to pronounce akshaan, who is the 3 yr old kid i wrote about recently. yeah we made up and yeah he is SO awesome, i LOVE HIM!!1one1!!11! anyway he's gone to rajasthan which is his granparents house but he'll be back tomorrow :D :D and then im gonna lock him up in my house and feed him chocolates and chips so i can be his most favourite teenager in the world!!!!!!!!! mwhahahah. ahem.

i have no idea how my dentist manages to be the insensitive jerk he is. and worse of all he blames ME when any wire/bracket of my teeth manages to turn loose, hence his departing message today was "DONT FIDDLE WITH THEM!" AS IF i would like to reach inside the dangerous cavern of my mouth full of metallic weapons ready to pierce your finger at the lightest touch. OR to pull them out and have to visit his office, where another dentist, my dad and an old bum sat today discussing human greed as i hollered with pain. hmpf. self important adults who think their oh-so-smart thoughts are going to help anyone. ok they do help, but im pissed, wokay?

my pre-pre-boards start a week after this, and guess what, besides physics im *tada* prepared. sort of. i mean my percentage was so low last exams that it can only grow higher :P but seriously. i dont know what came over me, starting last week i did 9 chapters out of 13 in maths and THAT IS A NOVELTY !!

momos without sauce dont taste good. must not be lazy enough not to return to shopkeeper for sauce.

i finished reading 'to kill a mocking bird' and the similarities between it and my favourite book (nora, nora) were surprising. i bet TKAMB would have been my favourite book had i not read N,N before. but you know what they say ... ah, i dont remember what they say. something about not liking daal after you have had chicken. you know? anyway here's the similarities between the 2 books:

pretty cool, eh ?

anyway, in other reading thats been going on, i read the most horrible, eye bleeding inducing, suicide promoting, no plot, no brainer book i have ever come across in my life :Jet city woman. i cannot believe for the life of me HOW SHIT LIKE THAT GETS PUBLISHED. by rupa publications, too. thats the company which chetan bhagat's with.

on the bright side though, if THAT lame excuse for a book can get published, i definitely can :D

and to think i always thought only good things give you inspiration ;)

now listening: a person screaming something bout world end bein here ("RUN!!!")
now reading: course books
now wanting: freedom from (read above)


  1. Damn the table was hilarious ! and yes i totally agree with that dal chicken anology (even though i a am veg !)

    And what the heck IS a momo ??? O_o

  2. hilarious table- it was? i didnt intend it to be ^_^ oh well!

    chicken analogy- i think you understand because you've eaten chicken before! mann you still eat daal, how brave :P

    momo- a chinese cuisine. not the best but what the heck! read here for more.

    title- see this post is an INSTANT update, so i was gonna go with INSTANT coffee, but went with cappuchino instead :P yeah i know my chain of thought leads to the weirdest places...but randomness rules \m/

  3. amen to that !

    P.S why the sarcasm in the chicken part ???

  4. no sarcasm. was commending you on being a vegetarian.