Sunday, November 8, 2009

problem child = me.

i've been thinking: the ways of the world are wanton. (yes, the aliteration is amazingly awesome :D i know you are most mersmerized by menkah's musings. ok ok i will stop now, bring your boringness back here!)

anyway, the reason why i am questioning the sanity of the world (yet again) is the fact that i have been having a hard time at school lately and to think of it as a big picture, its all because im a teenager. all teenagers go through this heavy messed up phase especially when theyre 15-19, and it wouldnt bother me so much (hey, the mess has its own advantages!) but the fact that THIS is the time when you gotta study hard, make a career, change your damned life, is what's unfair. i mean there are so many stupid things going on in your life and in the midst of it all you have to concentrate on difficult stuff like IIT studies.

i was a complete nerd devoted to studies about 2 years back. but being in the place where i am has completely messed me UP. i admit it now. i feel i am lost and there is absolutely no hope for me. i miss out my 3 hour coaching SIMPLY because i hate going there. all year long i kept shifting IIT to the back of my mind, i dont know what i was thinking that i would just do it LATER ON, but here i am, 4 months away from the examination of my life and im wishing i studied at the right time. i mean just a few months of preparing could have changed my fucking life. but i was so damned busy watching TV or wasting my time on the internet or hanging out with friends. oh god, hasnt all this been said by elders before? i feel so STUPID now...

and then there are my stinking, midget brained, no life, good for nothing teachers. i have no idea what their problem is, but i get blamed for everything and anything wrong that takes place in the school. ohkay not THAT much, but recently this guy brought a pen drive and uploaded some funny mini videos ( you know, stuff like america's funniest videos etc) to our computers in the lab. it was a blessed, social service he did, considering the fact that there is NO net or anything to do on the PCs. so me n my 2 frenz were watching the vids in our work experience period.

then mister rangeela (our WE teacher. he has red hair, hence the name) comes along. his alarm-o-meter goes off as he catches my sight, seated like an angel minding my own sweet business.

rangeela: ooh, where did these lovies come from? (referring to the videos, not me or my friends)

me: erm they were in a folder on the desktop, sir.

rangeela: how did YOU know they were there?

me: well it's a pretty famous thing, everyone knows about them! *wide grin*

rangeela: they werent there initially. i think somebody got a pendrive and uploaded them to this computer in the COMPUTER SCIENCE PERIOD!!!

me: *GASP!*
my friends : *GASP!*

you see, only a few children in my class have taken computer sci as their optional subject and i was the one among my friends with computer science. he had just blatantly accused me.

me to him: you see, douchenozzle, (ok i didnt say that) if i owned the vids i wouldnt be watching the boring ones as well to see if there's anything funny in the end ....

rangeela: i see. but dont you try to hide this folder as i go, COZ IM GONNA DELETE THEMMM *wide eyed maniacal laughter as two red devil horns erupt on his head*

me: =( why sir? it's not porn!

rangeela: *shakes head as he has no valid reason to offer and walks off*

me and my friends: why the red haired baboon with his *censored* and his small *censored* and his grandmother's *censored* ...


anyway, thats just ONE of the many stories which take place everyday. like when i repeated an example of semi synthetic polymers in chemistry class (HEY i thought nylon 66 and nylon are different!) and got accused of "sleeping in class, hence not being aware nylon has already been said". or the fact that i had to anchor this assembly but the children who had to present the news, thought etc didnt come, so it all got blamed on me "for not being responsible enough or going to the teacher who could write news and thought and GK questions on the spot in 5 minutes!" (emergency assmblys never been done before, how was i to know teachers are suddenly taking so much interest in our activities?)

not to mention when this guy was throwin a filthy hanky on me and when i threw it back it accidently landed on rangeela's head. (yeah he was majorly pissed. i think im gonna avoid him for the rest of my life now)

oh and did i mention im not getting a job because i wasted my year away? i feel like crying now.



  1. i know i shouldn't but


    *looks guilty*

    my bad... cookie ??

  2. weird world, like i said
    *snatches whole box of cookies and runs*

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