Thursday, March 25, 2010

12th is OVER!!

HA! I cant believe I'm DONE with school life. Today was my last board exam! (and yeah i'm passing all so no doubts about it)

Everyone says school life is the best part of your life, and no matter how much you bitch bout school, you eventually do miss it. Well not to be rude or anything but, STFU. I'm very happy Im getting out of this shit hole. =D

Not to mention life has just started. If these were the best days of my life I'm terrified of what the next part is gonna be like =S I saw someone say in one of them groups on Facebook (HAHA they're sucha sensation these days, I personally am a fan of about 1100, not to mention I quote some of them in real life... yeah I know i need to get a life.).... that we should remmeber our school days coz they're never coming back. Well, er, which phase of time DOES come back ?? -_- Old age doesnt come back either, SAVOUR IT! SAVOUR IT! (no offence to the old readers out there)

Well anyway, so today was computer science. Our invigilators were a very constipated and suicidal looking lady and a VERY huge body builder kinda man. I mean I almost gave up on all my plans of cheating when I looked at him. He caused quite a sensation. Turns out, he was actually quite a sweet temepered man who would just smile at you when he saw you helping others. The lady wasnt much of a problem either... she never looked up.

Well thats that... Im really bored now. Dont you just hate it when that happens!


  1. Its sad that your school life wasn't enjoyable. Let's hope college will be better.
    Anyhow my exams had ended with computer too. Though I never needed to cheat. :)

  2. I thought just the same and today I miss my school days like hell. Not that I had the time of my life then. But the sheer immaturity & ignorance of that age and the comparitively infinitesimal(trust me!) problems and issues with life is what i miss like hell!!!

    welcome back!

  3. hah ! i wish i was on blogspot when i finished my boards cuz even i would have written an EXACTLY same post.

    But then when college fucked me up the arse at times ... that's when i realised my mistake. I got 20 bucks that says within a year you will be singing a different tune !

  4. what a bunch of party poopers !

    lol i kid !

    i hope college will be better too!

  5. college will be real bad if you found school

  6. it was shit bcoz there was nothing to do, no interesting people...nothing...

  7. I'm not into school as well. I'm about to graduate in a few months so yay to that!

  8. Yiyee yiyee...I learnt a new word...STFU..err..not a word...but then sounds cool...*old readers were offended but then u taught them a new word n are now smiling:-)*

    Great take on no phase of life ever coming back...way to go gurl..keep writing:-)
    N btw...all the best for the next phase...:-)