Wednesday, March 31, 2010

april fool-ed!

dont you just hate it when you try to april fool someone but either they dont fall for it OR the clever smart-asses turn the tables on you? yeah people, as smart as i am, i have been turned tables on this year! :x

it's 11 AM and by now i've tried fooling 3 people with the following results:


1:25 AM last night:

my best online buddy (lets call him... BOB) (whom  btw i swear i will kill one day):

MRA (my royal ass, that is ME):  *serious, suspicious tone* listen man i got something to tell ya...
BOB: *peeked interest* YES?
MRA: dude, im gay.

*expects shocked outburst/ sad crying since she is no longer available :P *

BOB: *yawn* tell me something i dont know.
MRA: what!?
BOB: well yeah, i knew you were gay, hehe, no worries. i have this friend of mine, shes gay too, i ll introduce u...shes' very--
MRA: SHUTUP!  im not gay! Its april fools! 
BOB: oh...but...oh.

*awkward silence in which i contemplate painting my nails pink and shaving off my moustache (lol kiddin) *


9:15 this morning


*while she is doin yoga*

MRA: mom, i hacked into andrew's facebook account and read all his messages. he and sam are gay and having an affair 

(a/n: names have been changed to withhold privacy, they are both my friends who mom knows well and are both very straight males)

MoM: *namaste postion* Om...

MRA: Mom!

MoM: Yes, yes! What were you doing sneaking around someone else's private messages?

MRA: But, thats not the point, see they're gay! Can you believe that? ANDREW? He used to all gangstaa!

MoM: You seemed to have missed some important lessons, young lady! It is not of any of your business to read sum1's private messages, I think I'll hav to talk to your dad-

MRA: But but but the gayness-

MoM: It is a state of mind that shall pass. *starts doing weird aerobic postures*

MRA: You have to read about it, mom. You dont become gay suddenly. And i was kidding about it all, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!

MoM: Sure you become straight and gay randomly, I was a lesbian before I married your dad

MRA: *_*

MoM: what? it is a state of mind. and i thought you were open minded about it.

MRA: *_*

MoM: Gotcha! Happy April Fools!

MRA: *runs out as Mom rolls around laughing*

10 am today:

My friend Nk


NK: are you trying to fool me?

MRA: No... maybe... yeah *sigh*


Thats it! I give up ! I fail at pranking people. They're getting smarter than me less dumb with each passing year.

Any tips/foolish stories/chocolate cakes? Leave em right here!



  1. seriously ? 'BOB' ??!! couldn't you come up with a better nick name woman ??

    P.S go NK... You da girl ! wOOt !

    P.P.S why do you want to kill me ? what did i do now ? O_O

  2. BOB is the acronym for best online buddy... cmon

  3. Well your mom is a lot smarter than you. :)
    But getting re-fooled three times in a row is a bit too much. You should seriously fool some random stupid person just to feel better.


  4. hahaha-ed =D that was uber hilarious!!
    *joins your blog* =p

  5. funny, I'm horrible at pranks too.

  6. @ somak: hahaha... i tried, i tried!! just wait for next year, i've startd planning already :P

    @ ally: why, thankyou! :D have some cookies !

    @ ashley: hang in there. one day we'll show them!

  7. much wit in someone still so young...n I thought our dear Weirdo was the only one...;-)
    *u young lady just took the cake from right under his pretty nose*

    N BOB...LMAO...hehe...
    *reminds me of the takla Bob someone who used to be a hindi movies ka villain once upon a time...but never mind here...I guess u've done enough damage on AG anyways by just using BOB;-)*

    U both glad AG recommended u*btw he thinks you are a superwoman..n I think he thinks right:-)*

  8. Okay so, Folks dun like gay jokes !

    MoM one was the nicest one ;)

  9. @ suruchi (may i call you that?)

    First off, im absolutely STAR STUCK by your presence here! Im not the only one AG worships :P he thinks you are THE coolest!! AND I AGREE! be my english teacher pretty please :D

    Second, i took the cake from him? Thats saying a LOT coz he is, rather, perfect! (haha i hope he isnt reading this, i got an ice cool image to maintain ;) )

    Aw shucks, I aint no superwoman! *blush*

    Haha, Bob! The only foriegner villain from old hindi movies i know about is sum1 called DAVID! lol is he cute or what!? :P

    Thanks for stopping bye ! Glad I could hold attention of two cool/wiser people for more than 5 mins!...Man im not bad for a kid huh? :P

  10. @ peter: yeah, gotta lay off the homo-ness.

    Mom TOTALLY had me fooled D=

  11. haha..pretty neat..

    yeah you are right..ppl are becoming more.. intelligent these days.
    May be its the GOOGle effect

  12. Ahaahahaaa..I totally love your mom =D

  13. IS hard!