Wednesday, July 1, 2009

15 reasons why you dont wanna be me

a series of unfortunate events has occured in the past 24 hours that makes me lose faith in humanity.

caution: this is not a very happy post. sod off if you dont like ungrateful teenagers whining.

1. my mom just lost her job. and why's that bad for me? because first off shes always been there for me cheering me up when i lost somehting and see her upset ( about something i agree she should be upset about) is not something i like.and it's not even her fault, they only took people from their own unit + 2 ppl who were in the firm for years (experince helps) she'd only joined last year so yeah.

and 2nd, well there's something i cant tell you. lets call it IFG. well, her losing her job resulted into IFG. and i HATE it.

2. people are being evil. i just came to know about the ending of a fab movie i was dying to see (it's not everyday I wanna see a movie, believe me.) and when i got mad at the person they just laughed and told me about another person who dies in the movie. -_- very funny. go develop a sense of humour before you face the world.

3. well, the sun. it was so awesoemly windy till 3:59 pm today. grey skies and a cool wind is the only weather yours truly likes, and so i was excited to actually step out of me house and go to coaching classes {3 hours of them, too. so u understand how being excited about them is a novelty}. anyway, at PRECISELY 4 o clock, the sun came out. not the dull, warmish sun that makes me think of hogwarts (go figure.) but HARSH, SIZZLING HOT sun that can make iron evaporate. even then i decided against beggin my parents not to go to coaching and went down to my garage only to find my cycle was punctured. badly.. another reason not to go. but i went up {AGAIN.} and told my dad and he decided to drop me by car. instead of letting me be.

4. a major end-of-the-term feast was going to take place on this website of harry potter. i had contributed to the preparation by spending hours on the net making graphics, composin playlists and what not. well i thought the feast was supposed to be on 27th july. WRONG. i checked out the website on 30th june only to note i'd missed all the fun 3 days ago. *(^#&*^#&$%^&#$%^#$^%#$
5. i can only tolerate parents bickering for so long.

6. my grandma. okie so you're gonna gasp and splutter but i do not like her invading my privacy. she intervenes in EVERYTHING.

7. my exams are only about 15 days away. hey wait thats almost half a month but whatever. 4 chapters of organic chemistry will be the death of me.

8. bad hair day today. coudlnt find my rubber band. took hours to tie hair into a ...whatever its called.

9. my jaw is paining. my braces have sharp needle points that hurt me at points i didnt even know existed.

10. my only friend in this town who helps me get through school is "sick" or so she says and therefore isnt coming to school..( it's awfuler than it sounds.)

11. did i actually reach the 10th point!?!?!?! reason enuff to be sad.

12. my internet is being a bastard today. orkut/facebook wont open so i'm making this list.

13===> is supposed to be haunted.

14. mom just told me to get my ass off the computer. orkut still hasnt opened.

15. i think i'll go now

now listening to: boom boom pow (i hate this song so much)
now reading: far from the madding crowd
now wanting: nirvana


  1. 1. I Kind of have this feeling that IFG might be 'Internal family Gossips' and if it is then it surely sucks !

    2. It's a movie , don't take it over your head/heart/kidney /liver. People die in the movie and People (us) like to LOL about it if we don't digest the scene.

    6. Well that's the age when you have all the time in the world to interfere in whatever things you want ...their intentions are never wrong.

    7. Go study chemistry reactions have have horrible mechanisms.

    8. Bad hair day ..I have it after every two days !

    rest all points are manageable ...!

    best f luck :)

  2. forgot one point.

    16) random strangers telling me to grow up!! :p


    i know i can handle most of these, i was just being a prat. mwahahahaha. =D

  3. grow up! :P

    btw point 11 was witty!