Wednesday, July 22, 2009

oh my god LOL!

So I follow a lot of blogs around here and in one of them i found a review about the famous "Vernokia decides to Die" by Paulo Coelho. I have read the book on my computer ( which, btw, takes away almost ALL of the fun. I mean you cant smell the pages of ebooks or snuggle with them in your bed and it spoils your eyes to a great degree! And it has another disadvantage too - TCTS (read further to find out).). Anyway, I found ths book SO overrated! And short, and absolutely pointless!

But apparently, as I found out while reading that blog... I HAD ONLY READ HALF THE BOOK ! LMAO! I read that review I told you about and found out that SO much more happens! The Ebook I had was only half of the whole thing and THATS why i found it so hard to believe that it was the ending ! Bwhahahaha, isnt that funny?

Anyway, I have to find out good ebook sites !

Spoiler alert: For those who HAVE read this book, i ended at the part where Veronika wakes up to find herself in a mental hospital. I thought THAT was meant to teach her a lesson for tryin suicide! LOL i cant stop laughing.

Gotta go p33pz !

P.S. My braces will be the death of me. I couldnt eat/drink ANYTHING today because of this severe cut in my tongue (which has now been taken care of) . And not eating wouldnt have bothered me so much if I was the person I was some days ago. But I'm tryin to put on weight these days {*watches half the female population faint*} and am feeling sorry right now about my poor little stomach :(

P.P.S SCHOOL SUCKS more than ever.

P.P.P.S : Did you guys watch the solar eclipse ?! Oh god, i so totally wanted to but it apparently wasnt goin to be as visible where i live! Bahness!

Anyway, cya guys :D

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  1. i watched the eclipse minus the goggles... not something to brag about but still !!!

    P.S somebody's recovering from anorexia .. congratulations !

  2. LOL doh, half e-books? lol get the book, so much more happening!:)

  3. I know what u mean.. i love lying down on my bed and reading...

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