Thursday, August 6, 2009

blah blah blogging

right now, i'm sitting at the last seat of our computer lab and blogging! we are supposed to be doing some C++ thing but blah! its not everyday you find the internet of your school actually WORKING!!

sir just came by and saw me interneting. he is sort of pissed, but i guess he should get used to the fact that i am no longer the goody two shoes that i was in 11th. i mean really. give me a BREAK!

he is still looking at me O_o its weird. he looks pissed. no one listens to him actually

darn, the boy adjacent to me needs him. hes coming.... aah! bless sonum she got him before.

anyway, so my friends are playing table tennis outside. if i turn around my head i can see guys playin football too!

im sort of bored right now. gah. we thought we would ask our sir for a games period but he looked so voldy like... standing there by the gate demanding to see practical copies as we entered... that we let it go.

hmm. what else? pratibha just came and sat by me.

she says hi.


hey i hear clappin outside. maybe HG died...*wishes fervently*

grrr no.. i just looked. just a stupid table tennis thing.

hmm lets see if i can excuse myself and go play one round of table tennis.. or not. first off sir is majorly pissed.

and OH! look whos playing. my very good friend-turned-ignorable person-turned-backbiter though i dont care- turned enemy. i SO do not stand any chances of gettin to even smell the bat.

not like i wanna. ew.

18 minutes still remain till schools out. DAMN then stupid 3 hour coaching of chemistry ...and i missed it last time so i ll have to copy extra 3 hours of work.

i think i ll go now..


now reading: anythin for you ma'am (yeah i know, GAY! but i ve retunred all library books ...blah)
now listening to: ping pong ping pong
now wanting: AC... too hot in here.


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