Friday, November 6, 2009

child is the bother of a man -_-

i should have known better than to trust the little rogue. he is, after all, one of them.

in my defence, he has a cute exterior (as the rest of his devilish kind!) which betrayed little about his evil intentions, and my obsession lasted for a less than a week.

no, i am not talking about a "playa" whom i fell for, had a fling with and then got cheated by!

im talkin about my 3 year old neighbour. i have been known to hate kids in the past. except when one or two really adorable, well behaved, intelligent ones who follow my orders come along and i go all smothery like the rest of the world. this one seemed to be completely one of that league. oh how wrong i was!

his mom let him come to my house everyday and entertain me, ahem i mean, be taken care of for some time. one of the innumerous things about him that amused me was the fact that he SMELLS whatever food stuff you give him before eating. like a dog! i wonder what smell declares some kind of food fit to be eaten !

anyway, his temperament got less and less cute with each passing day. initially he fooled me by pretending to be a very non violent kid and in general use his charms to er charm me but after a while he got pissed with me (dont know why) and started doing very bad stuff (which includes not coming to me when called, staring, refusing to hand over my stuff (ITS MINE!), boring me )and TODAY, well he started hitting me! my dad couldnt stop laughing !

his tantrums got the better off me, so today i gave him a piece of my mind (which includes holding his hands preventing him from hitting me) which made him cry. i felt sort of guilty but what the heck! he needs to be taught a lesson. :X

anyway so we hate each other :X

i hope he doesnt visit me tomorrow :X

should've known better than to trust a KID! have you ever met ONE kid that doesnt smell, speak nonsense, salivate or isnt spoilt?

of course not! then they wouldnt be called kids!

HMPF. i is very angry. i have no time pass now =(


  1. lol..well my neighbour isnt anything like that... totally opposite .. lucky me eh !

    P.S love the title :P

  2. Haha..Im waiting for the day you have a kid :P

  3. gr8 u r ol heart broken ...!u cant trust guys ..!
    lol even ...if they r size less..:P

  4. im thinking about how all of the comments on this one end with a licking sign.

    might do the honors as well