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Reasons why Harry POtter is better than Twilight!

I stole this from This isnt my work, i just love hating twilight and wanted to save this list!

1. JKR actually invented most of her ideas, instead of re-using ideas of vampires/werewolves, like Meyer.
2. Hermione would own Bella in a fight.
3. Rob Pattinson was in Harry Potter first.
4. People can snog without worrying if they're going to kill the other person.
5. It's a real love story; not cliched love.
6. Quidditch; enough said.
7. We don't have to listen to Bella whining about Edward and Jacob all day long, because seriously, Bella, Harry had it way worse than you.
8. There's actually an antagonist in Harry Potter.
9. JKR knows how to write.
10. Harry Potter doesn't glorify stalking.
11. Or pedophilia.
12. Or abusive relationships.
13. Harry Potter vampires don't sparkle.
14. In Harry Potter, women's lives don't revolve around men and babies.
15. In Harry Potter, the characters have value beyond their looks and sparkliness.
16. No-one in Harry Potter whines as much as Bella does.
17. Hermione is intelligent. SMeyer just pretends Bella is.
18. JKR doesn't use the word 'chagrin' eighteen times a chapter.
19. Harry Potter has a purpose beyond wish fulfilment for its author.
20. Rob Pattinson prefers Harry Potter.
21. So does Evanna Lynch.
22. Harry Potter has character development.
23. Harry Potter has more than one plotline running at once.
24. Harry leaves Ginny, but Ginny doesn't have thoughts of suicide because of it.
25. Werewolves aren't really, "Shape-shifters"
26. Because in Harry Potter the evil characters have a better reason for being evil than "she's more popular than I am."
27. You couldn't predict the end of the series after the end of the first book.
28. Every Harry Potter character is different, and there are hundreds of them. Twilight has randomers who come and go for no reason.
29. JK put some of her own traits into Hermione, S Meyer thinks she is Bella.
30. Stephen King says Harry Potter is better
31. Harry Potter includes mythology from all over the world,Twilight vampires can't even turn into bats!
32. Harry Potter is British (sorry, couldn't resist)
33. Some of the most distinguished actors of our time are in the HP films...enough said.
34. Harry Potter is a classic, Twilight will go out of fashion soon.
35. JK knows what a proper adjective is.
36. JKR knows how to hide plot points, without blatantly telling everyone what's going to happen.
37. I doubt JKR would 'leave her husband' for her main characters.
38. Harry Potter doesn't have typos on every page.
39. The main actors/actresses actually know how to change their facial expressions, unlike Kristen Stewart.
40. Harry Potter's plot is well-thought-out, with the ending being both somewhat unexpected and plausible.
41. An edition to #11, Remus Lupin is not a cradle robber
42. JKR does not "namedrop" classic authors and novels to get her allusions across
43. People don't get paired with their previous love interest's child
44. (now correct me if I'm wrong,I haven't actually finished Breaking Dawn,stopping at halfway because I was bored)there was a final battle, not an 'oh, I guess we won't kill you now,bye'
45. Harry Potter vampires don't pretend they're "vegetarians."
46. Harry Potter readers are not only hormone-raging teenagers.
47. Hogwarts is way cooler than Forks High School.
48. Harry Potter's vampires and werewolves aren't one dimensional shapeshifters and mutant sparkling faries!
47. In Harry Potter, the fans acually read the books because their intresting, rather than all their friends are reading it so they feel excluded.
49. Edward may be sparkly, but Harry saves the wizarding world AND is still cute.
50. JKR creates this whole nother world,making you think it truely exists.Whereas SMeyer feeds off other authors TRYING to make it seem origignal.
51. How many times can someone acually read the twilight series without realizing its full o fmistakes and over-used plots?However HP is exciting by every word.
52. Twilight is a an okay romance series, whereas Harry Potter made and impact on many peoples lives.
53. Did anyone here of a Twilight Amusment park in the making??
55. Harry Potter actually has important characters... oh, I don't know... DIE????????
56. Harry Potter has made its spot in the classic literature world. Twilight is simply a fad.
57. People of ALL ages enjoy Harry Potter.
58. Harry doesn't love Ginny because she smells good.
59. Ginny is everything that Bella is not.
60. Bella Lestrange could kick Bella Swans butt in a heartbeat
61. No one falls in love with their former crush/lover/boyfriend/girlfriends CHILD
62. Harry Potter is actually set in the 21st century and the women don't do everything their men ask them to.
63. Neither Hermione or Ginny condone suicide.
64. Potter fans can actually spell.
65. JKR doesn't need to star in the film adaptations of her books.
66. It took several long years of struggle for JKR to be where she is today- not three months as a housewife in comfortable suburbia.
67. Harry Potter fanfiction is not just smutty romances.
68. Look up "chagrin" after "repetition".
69. Be sure to also look up "plot" after "consistency".
70. Albus Severus is at least pronounceable.
71. The fans of Harry Potter do not need Anger Management.
72. There are actual parental figures in Harry Potter. Absentee adults with the brain mentalities of a 10 year old do not count.
73. To add to 2 and 60 - Lets be honest, Dobby could kick Bella's butt.
74. HP promotes friendship and equality while Twilight promotes changing everything about yourself to fit in
75. Pale and sparkly are not legitimate character flaws
76. DUMBLEDORE. Sorry, Carlisle, but the"I'm actually a role model"award goes to Dumbledore all the way.Some how managing to abstain from eating your patients does not make you"noble"or "wise".
77. There was hot debate over whether or not Snape was evil.We actually didn't know for sure. If Meyer had written him,we would have known from book one, because his eyes would have been red.
78. Even the most obscure Weasleys are more well-developed than the Cullens, who are supposed to be main characters.
79. Harry is more devoted to the parents he's never even met than Bella is to the mother and father she supposedly "loves".
80. Harry's name does not stand for "beautiful swan". Seriously?
81. The most frightening character in HP is not a little girl who can pretend to inflict pain on you.
82. Harry has more on his mind than getting some, which Bella and Edward can't exactly boast about.
83. Ginny does not give birth to a monster child who Dean Thomas falls in love with. I mean, wow.
84. Harry can actually walk without falling over.
85. Ron/Hermione is more Lizzy/Mr. Darcy than Bella/Edward will ever be.
86. In fact, ALOT of Harry Potter couples parallel Austen and Bronte more than any of the Twilight couples.
87. Vampires do not sparkle - on so many levels.
88. Harry Potter is an entire, believable fantasy world. Twilight is vampires and werewolves that just happen to exist.
89. Our Bella has more personality than theirs does.
90. JKR took bits of mythology and made it her own.
91. SM just took bits of mythology and ruined it. Sparkly vampires anyone?
92. Harry Potter isn't a 104 year old virgin
93. Bella has prophetic dreams for no apparent reason. Harry has atleast a reason
94. Beauty equals goodness. Almost all the beautifull people were good and all the bad people ugly. Rubbish!
95. Edward and all the other vampires were according to Meyer's own rules sterile and he got Bella pregnant.
96. The Quileutes are an actual tribe whom Meyer chose to include in her story because they 'live near Forks.' She madeup mythologyfor realpeople.
97. Rosalie Cullen grew up in New YorkduringtheGreatDepression.Herfather was able to give them amiddle-classlifebecausehe workedin abank. Meyer didn't realize that theentireproblemwiththeGreatDepression was that the banks failed. Getyourfactsstraight.
98. Bella is always a distressed damsel. The girls in Harry Potter can fend of an attack there selves
99. Enemies work together in the last two books. Voldemort and Harry would never work together
100. Atleast Harry doesn't sneak in Ginny's room to watch her sleep
101. And being turned into a vampirerocks,becausetheuncontrollableurgeto kill and feed on humans reallyisn't sotoughtoresist, aslong asyou're Bella. But Jasper has a hardtime.Rondoesn'twant toeat his ownparents.
102. Harry and Ginny don't have atleast a twisted, controlling and abusive relationship
103. Bella is disturbed to find out thatJacobhasimprintedonherdaughter, but managed to keep her selfcontrolaboutit.Untilshefinds out he nicknamed her "Nessie."Thensheattacks.Thereissomething real wrong with her.
104. Bellatrix may have been obsessed with Voldemort, but at least she wasn't incompetent and could walk without falling over
105. Bella may have read all of the classics, but Hermione could beat her in any test.
106. When people lose the love of their lives in HP, they don't instantly jump to suicide as a solution.
107. HP is about real love. Hot makeoutsessionswithvampiresdoesn'tcompare to a mother sacrificing her lifeforherson, oramansacrificing his life for the dead love of his lifeandherson.
108. Parts in HBP were intentionally funny.
109. The actors in the HP movies show emotion
110. Harry Potter had Pattinson first.
111. Bella is so Mary Sue, it's almost like SM did it on purpose!
112. Twihards can't spell ( evidently )
113. It took time for Ron and Hermione to fall in love. Hermione didn't take one look at Ron and form an obsession with him.
114. What is the point in rambling on about'Victoria' for twowholebooksthen producing a fight at the end of'eclipse' as poorandpathetic as itwas.
115: What was the point in giving the Volturi allthesesuperhumanpowerswhen we don't even see them being used in aproperfight, oh no,theydecide to talk it out!
116:'Remesmee carly cullen'? even 'Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore's laughing
117. Harry Potter lovers seem to be able to come up withbetterreasonsin a shorter period of time than "because it'sawesome!!!111one"orthings of that nature
118. Because there's more to Harry Potter than being "hot". These characters have personalities.
119. Harry Potter doesn't adhere to one religion, particularly the author's religion. You find elements from all sorts of faith.
120. There is no such thing as Potterites or Potterism.
121. Dumbledore is Gay ( this just feels like a great triumph forthegay community, and also a very noble thing for JK to have done/said)
122. HP fans can actually form a legitament arguement for why the series is better than Twilight.
123. With reasons that don't include mentioning how hot a character is.
124. HP's flawed characters actually have flaws. That are believable.
125. Parodies of Twilight? Better then the actual series. Parodies of Harry Potter? The books are still better.
126. Because everyone in HP has normal body temperature.

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